What a sell out!

Thursday, March 16, 2006 5:33 AM

No, not that kind of a sell out… I’m talking Joe Healy’s events… they are all sold out!!!

Next week’s Orlando Code Camp is sold out (as much as a free event can be sold out) with 350 registered attendees!

Previously I mentioned that I would be presenting a session on Virtualization targeted to developers… that as since been changed. I can’t say exactly what I’m presenting on until next week, but let’s just say that Ryan Rogers [MSFT] recent post about the 2007 Microsoft Office System NDA’s all the beta testers are under will soon be lifted and that next week’s Office DevCon is a non-NDA event has something to do with it (anything presented at Office DevCon, because it’s a non-NDA event, can be discussed in the public forum, ie: OCC).

I’ll post more about my session before the Orlando Code Camp… stay tuned! If you still want to see my virtualization session, tell Joe (or me) and if there’s a last minute cancellation, I’ll be happy to step in.

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