Developer’s Assistant research

Thursday, June 24, 2004 9:54 AM

The other day I posted an idea about a unified tool that be a great research/resource for developers (as well as others, but I’m targeting developers). The more I thought about it, the core problem I’m trying to solve is a better NNTP reader (the app would eventually do everything I mentioned in the original post).Today I dumped a post on a newsgroup I frequent asking others what their newsreader of choice is. I also searched GotDotNet and SourceForge for apps already built… none of them hit the nail on the head (but assist in implementation).I’ll update this post with my research from the various apps out there, what most people seem to use as their reader. Then I think I may create a requirements doc/notes (in OneNote format) and post. Collaborative app? Maybe on GDN or SF?

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