Do you subscribe to a category feed on my blog? If so, this applies to you…

Friday, September 9, 2005 6:29 AM

I’ve decided to buy in whole-heatedly to FeedBurner for many many reasons, one of which is offloading some bandwidth from my site… the other is for some accurate stats that FeedBurner offers me.  If you subscribe to my feed via a .Text URL (/blog/rss.aspx) then I’d suggest manually updating it to use my FeedBurner feed URL (  I’ll do some magic to make the change automated for many RSS readers that already support the HTTP 301 return status code.  The old RSS feed will no longer work in the future.

However, if you subscribe to a specific post category, there’s a more drastic change to you: I’m removing all my category feeds.  Why?  Because I can’t create a FeedBurner URL for each one, that’s not realistic.  I didn’t think it was much of an option… so, if you subscribe to one of my category feeds, please update your feeds to use my Feedburner RSS subscription .

I plan on using the method detailed by Scott Mitchell here.  When will I make this change?  I’ll let you know, sometime in the next few weeks (read: when I have some free time).  I’ll also do a before & after post so if you don’t get the after post so you’ll know if you are using the latest change.

Sorry if this is an inconvenience to some, but it’s going to make things easier for me.

[Updated 11/1]: Fixed my Feedburner feed to point to the correct URL… thanks Richie!

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