Does the ObjectDataSource really suck this much?

Friday, December 16, 2005 1:59 PM

I haven’t had the op to work on a VS2005 project yet (more than tinkering with projects already written that I just review or compile & use) thanks to my current workload and working in a CMS SP1 & SPS SP2 so much these days.

At TechEd, I was first introduced to the ObjectDataSource (or maybe I saw it earlier… but this is when I really got to see it for the first time).  It looked ideal for my uses!  Rob Howard was demo’ing it in the TechEd session and while I knew I wasn’t seeing everything, this looked ideal.  Then I got a chance a few weeks back to see a colleague’s ASP.NET 2.0 project and hear him talk of the ObjectDataSource.  He had some challenges, but we chalked it up to not having worked with it a considerable amount.

The other day I was catching up on my blog backlog and noticed a few posts by Sahil.  This dude is NOT happy with the ObjectDataSource… in fact he’s gone so far as to passionately advise against using it!

» ObjectDataSource asp:Repeater and Paging» ObjectDataSource – Completely Useless. Awful code sample on MSDN

Is it really this bad?  This sounds like a potential show stopper to me as well… very curious to see what comes of this (if anything). I subscribe to the “use your blog to ask questions… instead use newsgroups” school of thought so I’m not going to ask… but I’m interested to hear what others opinions are on the ObjectDataSource.  Is Sahil just missing the boat on something?  I hope so (no offence Sahil if you read this… I just hope the ObjectDataSource isn’t worthless)!

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