FINALLY… a designer says what I’ve been thinking

Friday, August 26, 2005 5:30 AM

[via Heather Solomon]

I’ve wondered why it was so “cool” to use a tableless design.  Sure, you can position stuff anywhere while with a table it’s more of a flow layout… but please, exclusive use?  Why not a mix?  You’ve got the tools in your toolbox, you can use any of them!

… the craze that swept through some time ago where if your web site design included tables you were waving a giant “old fart from the dark ages” flag.  Everything shifted to this huge push for tableless design where you accomplished all layouts with just CSS and DIV tags…  To me the exclusiveness of never using a table is insane.

…quite frankly the client doesn’t give care if you mastered their web site design using CSS and DIV tags only.

» Tables aren’t evil

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