Family Portal Update

Thursday, December 18, 2003 7:14 AM

“Dude, you haven’t done sqat on the portal lately… what’s up?”
I know… I KNOW! So I’m missing my Christmas deadline. I really want this thing to be up and running, so once the Christmas holidays are over, which nicely coincides with a bunch of deadlines I am under for a massive MCMS2002 implementation, I plan to jump back into it. I’d really like to get unit testing into the Family Portal DLL’s and ASP.NET project, but I’m not going to push too hard for that just yet. I do consider the biz/data access component complete and I’m working on the UI for the site (really just working on the ASP.NET project… the UI will be very simplistic for the first alpha release). Just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I dropped the project. I really want the UI and directory piece finished ASAP so I can focus on the media album. It’s killing me that my personal photo album is MIA!

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