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After a three month hiatus, I'm back on the Family Portal.  Had a delay where I got a little bored with it, a little overloaded with real work, and... well just busy.  I'm not able to spend 100% of my allocated geek spare time to it because I'm also working on my cousin's website for their business, but that should be wrapped up fairly soon.  I'm getting close to the point where I can schedule the beta release versions and what will be included in each.

My goal is to get this knocked out by the end of the year... a very padded timeframe.  That was my goal last year, but I got delayed (big surprise).  I really want this complete before we have the baby for two reasons:

  1. Expect my "spare" time to plummet for a few months once the baby joins us.
  2. Everyone in my family will want to see pictures... the perfect traffic to show off the portal!


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