Fantastic blog series on SharePoint 2007 Content Deployment

Thursday, December 3, 2009 3:56 AM

[via Stefan]

Stefan Gossner is going nuts and pushing out some fantastic guidance and myth debunking on the topic of content deployment in SharePoint Server 2007. Check it out:

I especially like the myth debunking Stefan does in the first post. Myths he addresses include:

  • I need at least one full and one incremental deployment job per path as I have to run at least on full deployment at the beginning before I can run an incremental deployment.
  • Full deployment is more than incremental deployment.
  • It is best practice to run incremental deployments during the week and a full deployment during weekend to ensure that my content database is in sync.
  • If incremental deployment fails I can do a full deployment to fix the problem.
  • Quick deploy is an easy way to ensure that important content can go live easily out of sync with other content.

» Stefan - Content Deployment - The Complete Guide

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