First time for everything… my wireless network was just compromised*

Thursday, September 23, 2004 10:55 AM

Companies won’t admit it… but I will.

I run an wired/802.11g network at home… without WEP. My router acts as a DHCP server and leases the IPs for 14 days. Periodically I check the list to make sure there are no unknown devices connecting. I’ve never noticed more than one wireless network in my area… and it was just me. Today I noticed another (by the way, XP SP2 has a cooler wireless networking interface).

Anyway, just happened to check the list and nocited an unknown computer name. Immediately disabled wireless and shut off the modem. Jumped over to my server (I run AD at home) and notice about 20-25 failed logins for ‘administrator’, ‘admin’, ‘guest’, and a few other accounts… but no successes except for me early this AM when I logged in. All my files are still where they should be and virus scan is clean.

Looks like it was just a little scare. At any rate, there’s a new SSID and now I’m using 256bit WEP… good luck coming back in. Why didn’t I run WEP previously? Why go through the trouble when no one else was connecting? Learned my lesson… no further comment.

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