Fitz is dropping more bits about SharePoint v3… and SharePad!

Monday, May 30, 2005 5:42 PM

Back on April 1, I figured Mike’s post strongly suggesting people attend the Microsoft PDC in Los Angelas in September “would be an exceptionally good idea” implied that some of the wraps were coming off SharePoint v3 at that time.  Now, with his latest post, sounds like that’s an accurate statement.  I only wish I could hit TechEd and PDC this year… but I’ll do just fine settling for TechEd which I’m stoked over!

Oh, and check out his post about the SharePad… a sample application that shows you how to leverage the FrontPage RPCs to do all sorts of things with SharePoint document libraries.

» There’s an Office/SharePoint Development Track at This Year’s PDC… » Want a Good Example of FPRPC? Try SharePad!

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