Follow-up to JAXDUG meeting last night

Thursday, January 5, 2006 12:12 PM

Last night @ the monthly JAXDUG meeting, we hosted a presentation by Jonathan Goodyear (aka: The Angry Coder) which was focused on Visual Studio .NET 2005 Debugging (mainly the new stuff… like tracepoints, visualizers, etc).

Before the meeting Dennis (JAXDUG Pres.) announced I was stepping down as the JAXDUG Vice President effective immediately and passing the VP responsibilities onto our current Director of Marketing: Jaremie Woodruff. Why? Frankly, I’ve over committed myself. I’m swamped with work stuff, I haven’t been able to make the last two meetings, and I won’t make the February meeting (which I’m REAL bummed about considering we scored Eric Sink of SourceGear to come in). It’s not fair to hold the role when I can’t hold up my part of the bargain… esp. with some other stuff on the horizon.

Don’t think I won’t be involved… I’ll still play an active role in JAXDUG!

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