Free MOSS 2007 WCM Learning Resources

Thursday, February 12, 2009 2:33 AM

Microsoft post a few free learning resources for those of you wanting to pickup MOSS 2007 WCM sites. This goes well with the MSDN webcast series they posted a while back, but it only goes so far. Good for self-paced stuff… don’t forget you’ve also got my book on the subject for self paced stuff.

Of course this short class only goes so far. If you’re looking for a good classroom experience with some cutting edge content, check out my class I teach on the subject through the Ted Pattison Group. I’ve looked at the MSDN content and everything in there is covered in my class, plus a whole lot more in much greater detail. I’m doing a webcast class this week. The next online version of the class is the week of June 1, but if a hands-on classroom experience is what you need, come to Vegas with me the week of April 20th!

» MSDN: Web Content Management Training Modules

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