Free (useful) SharePoint WebParts [navigation, what’s new, alerts, breadcrumbs]

Wednesday, June 23, 2004 7:32 AM

Just got tipped off to a post on Jan Tielens’ blog that details four free web parts he built for SharePoint.  There is an MSI that will install into the GAC, or there’s a ZIP that explains how to install it manually for a specific site (I prefer this… esp since I’m in more of a shared environment).  The single assembly contains four web parts in Jan’s Leadit.SharePoint.Essentials:

Lead-It Navigation WP

  • What’s New: Shows new items added to a SharePoint site.
  • MyAlerts: Shows a summary of all your alerts.
  • Breadcrumbs: Nice showing where you are in a site/subweb hierarchy.
  • **Navigation: **Shows a tree-like view of the a WSS site-subweb hierarchy.

I was looking for something like the Navigation WP for a current project that will have more than 80+ subwebs under a top-level WSS site.

» Details on the 4 web parts with ZIP of compiled binaries as well as the source.
» MSI installer for Leadit.SharePoint.Essentials and Leadit.SharePoint.RSSReader

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