Free webcast on content replication in SharePoint: Colligo and Syntergy

Thursday, September 25, 2008 1:51 AM

People that know me know I’m a fan of Syntergy’s Replicator product for complex and robust replication in SharePoint as well as Colligo’s Contributor product for taking SharePoint sites offline. I just saw this come across my inbox for anyone who’s interested:

Colligo VP Ed Kaczor will share how client software increases SharePoint adoption by enabling users to easily access, modify, and create SharePoint content through familiar desktop interfaces. Learn how you can help your customers solve these business issues:

  • Offline Access to SharePoint - for mobile workforces on laptops
  • Instant Usability - by eliminating browser latency with client caching
  • Email Management - by integrating SharePoint & Outlook

Syntergy VP of SharePoint Technologies, David Seaman, will discuss how bi-directional, immediate replication of SharePoint content from one server to another enables branch offices and remote sites with challenged network connections to maintain immediate access to current SharePoint content, even in failover scenarios. David will discuss:

  • Decentralized Data Storage - to minimize employee frustration
  • Compressed Data Transfer - to reduce network traffic and costsEfficient Data Migration - to reduce demand on expensive bandwidth and satellite transmissions

Click here for more information & registration.

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