Get more WCM at DevConnections in Las Vegas (November 6-9, 2006)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 12:22 PM

I’ll be presenting 3 sessions at the DevConnections Fall conference, specifically at SharePoint Connections at the beautiful Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, NV, November 6–9. All three of my sessions will deal with Web Content Management (WCM) within the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. WCM is the successor to MCMS 2002. A pair of my sessions make up a two-part session focused on building content based websites using WCM; my third deals migrating your MCMS 2001/2002 sites to WCM in MOSS 2007 (sneak peek: upgrade 2001 -> 2002… that’s all I’ll say on that subject).

With the current roadmap, the conference could coincide nicely with the RTM release (via MSDN & volume licensers) of MOSS 2007… if not, it will likely be one of the last few release candidates, so all the content will be against [near] RTM bits. Sure doesn’t hurt that’s it’s in Vegas… at one of my favorite two hotels (there’s no better sports book to watch March Madness than Mandalay Bay). This should be a great conference, with great SharePoint speakers as well, including Darrin Bishop, Bil Simser & Dustin Miller and Mindsharp colleagues Bill English & Todd Bleeker.

AC’s SharePoint Connections Fall 2006 Session Abstracts:

HDV201: Building an Internet Site with Web Content Management in MOSS 2007: Part 1HDV302: Building an Internet Site with Web Content Management in MOSS 2007: Part 2Web Content Management (WCM) is a new addition to the upcoming release of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. In part 1 of this session, we’ll take a look at WCM and how it fits within Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. Then we’ll dive in and take a look at what’s involved in using WCM to host, author, and manage an Internet-facing content site as well as using SharePoint Designer 2007 to build custom page layouts. In part 2 of this session, we’ll build off the site we created in part 1 and dig deeper by taking a look at building field controls, ASP.NET 2.0 master pages and web parts, incorporating custom navigation controls, and building custom workflows. At the end of these two sessions, you will walk away with a good understanding of what WCM is all about as well as what’s involved in building and managing Web sites in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

HDV203: Migrating Your Content Management Server 2002 Sites to Web Content Management in MOSS 2007Web Content Management (WCM) in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a significant upgrade from Content Management Server 2002 (CMS). In this session, we’ll briefly look at the significant improvements in WCM over CMS as well as terminology and technology changes. Microsoft has provided a few options for moving your content, templates, and code from CMS to WCM; we’ll cover all these options in this session. Then we’ll dive into preparation: how can you prepare your new or existing CMS implementations for easy upgrade to WCM. Finally, we’ll look at the process of migrating CMS sites to WCM. Most CMS sites won’t migrate to WCM with the magical click of a button. We’ll cover what is automatically migrated into the new platform and then what post-migration steps you’ll need to take to get your site up and running in the new platform.

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