Getting even better IntelliSense for CAML when doing SharePoint projects - thanks John!

Sunday, February 15, 2009 9:47 AM

A while back I showed you (as have so many other developers in the blogosphere) how to add IntelliSense to SharePoint when you are editing CAML for use in SharePoint projects. Unfortunately there are a handful of places where the WSS.XSD is not fully complete… but more importantly, it doesn’t provide a lot of context.

CAML aficionado and good friend John Holliday has recently offered up a more complete, with context documentation, better schema files to give us even more robust IntelliSense when working with SharePoint CAML! Nice work John (and a HUGE thanks!).

» John Holliday: Feed your CAML some IntelliSense so it doesn’t bite you in the you-know-what!

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