Giving credit where credit is due

Monday, August 22, 2005 10:59 AM

[via Heather Solomon]

Dude… NOT cool. Nabbin someone else’s content with NO reference, citation, or any note of credit for the material and posting it on your site as your material IS NOT COOL.  Can’t remember who, but a while back this happened to another blogger and that guy got slammed as well as black listed by a bunch of folk.  I’ll watch what happens with this issue…

I’ve seen how much work and time it takes to not only document what Heather documented, but also to type it out into a post, all nice looking in HTML.  It would get under my skin if someone did the same thing to me.

I noticed some of my content duplicated on another site without a reference to my site (see my article here, and the copied one here on Maxim Tarassenko’s blog). I’ve requested the post to be fixed. I don’t mind people referencing my original material, but it takes time to author this stuff and I’d appreciate it if I was given credit when credit was due.

» Original Material

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