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GotDotNet CodeSlam

GotDotNet CodeSlam

It was an event like none other.

A few weeks prior to the MVP Global Summit, I got an email from Korby inviting me and a guest to the first GotDotNet CodeSlam. Unfortunately a scheduling conflict caused my guest ( Angus ) and I to roll in a few hours after it started (we missed the demo I really wished I saw: CodeStudio. What’s that? Read Korby’s post linked at the end of this post). Frankly, I didn’t realize who was going to be there. When we checked in, the names of the people who were coming later (or who’s travel arrangements prohibited them from coming) really took me back: there are some really bright people in here slamming away some killer ideas. I won’t do any name dropping, but I was truly impressed excited with the name tags at the check in table.

Ponzi then led us into the main room where we met up with Korby and got a quick tour of the setup. Here were those who had already claimed their name tags. I mentioned a few of the people I saw in my original post: The virtual world is shrinking quickly… , Korby’s post mentions more of the attendees.

Although the name implies you write code, which many were doing, most of my time was spent talking to Korby and Steve Butler about the future of GDN and bounced ideas around. This was actually more fun than building something… actually, in a way we were building something.

My only disappointment was I was flatly exhausted & at times had a hard time keeping up with the conversation at times. I was still drained from a very long trip to Seattle (up at 7a east-coast time, 3hr drive to Boston, flying to Baltimore, Cincy and arriving in Seattle around 11:30p pacific time… which was something like 2:30a east-coast time… think I finally made it to bed around 12:30a pacific… or 3:30a east-cost time… only to get up for a 7a registration at the Publisher Summit so I only got a few hours of sleep). I had so much more to offer @ CodeSlam. Thankfully I got to meet up with Steve again on Wednesday and discuss some ideas about the MSDN site when I was much more rested. I think we left CodeSlam sometime between midnight and 2am… Steve was kind enough to give us a lift.

Korby, thank you for the invitation. I hope to be able to attend another CodeSlam in the future… next time MUCH more rested! A truly fantastic event!

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