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Monday, March 6, 2006 7:10 PM
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Every few days, I check my /Entertainment folder that has about 10 or so feeds in it. Three of the feeds always have something amusing from the previous few days, then there’s Dilbert… can’t ever get enough Dilbert.

Two recent posts stood out at, a blog that takes submissions from developers about development “things” that make you just go WTF?!?!

Post 1 (actual post source):

In the last year or so, we saw the concept of generics in managed code. Microsoft introduced them in their .NET 2.0 platform and Sun brought them into Java 5. If you haven’t heard of generics before, they’re kind of like templates in C++ and improve code reuse by allowing you to define classes and methods without specifying a particular type. It’s a step above using the Object type because the compiler can ensure a better type safety. For example …

using System.Collections.Generic;

List customerList = new List(); customerList.Add( new CustomerRecord() ); customerList.Add( new LineItem() ); //this will cause a compile error

Dan explained this concept to a fellow team member, as they were responsible for porting the application to .NET 2.0. His colleague scoffed, insisting he already knew this and had been doing it for years in C++, and will have no trouble with it in C# …

Dictionary = new Dictionary();

When Dan questioned his colleague on why he consistently use Generics like this, his colleague scoffed again: “duh, I want it to be generic and not tied to any particular class”.

Post 2 (excerpt from this actual post source):

Matt Kane was curious why he couldn’t open a new tab, so he did a quick View Source on a Sun web page and learned that they found a way to reinvent the hyperlink … within the hyperlink …


Oh, in case you’re wondering, the other two sites I always get a kick out of are the Gaping Void (thanks Jonathan for his great lead) and The Daily Czabe, Steve Czaben’s blog who’s the host of FOX Sports Radio’s national morning show, and a freaking hilarious one at that.

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