HOWTO: Optimize MOSS 2007 WCM Sites for Search

Friday, August 22, 2008 5:56 PM
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It's been a long week being preoccupied with tropical storm Fay. Usually you keep a close eye on these things for a few days and then they are gone. But this one… this one was REAL annoying. This one did everything it wasn't expected to do including stalling out for almost two full days dropping more than 30” of rain on Melbourne, FL (a few hours south of me in northeast Florida, about half-way between Jacksonville & St. Augustine). Then it just hung out… took forever to get out of here and dumped a ton of rain and wind on us. Check out this animation of the radar of the storm and watch how it just stalls out just as it enters the Atlantic on the east side of Florida. Anyway… I'm behind on just about everything because every 3hrs you're looking at the new advisory to see how to evaluate your plan. As such, I missed a slick new white paper on MSDN…

» MSDN: How to Optimize SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management Sites for Search EnginesLearn techniques to create Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web content management (WCM) sites that are optimized for search engines, and what to avoid to help improve search ratings.

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