Heather Solomon’s UI reference articles for WSS/SPS 2003 rock!

Sunday, July 16, 2006 10:50 PM

Are you in the business of modifying or customizing the SharePoint 2003 (WSS/SPS) interface? If you are, you’ll know it can be quite a challenge even if you are going about it with FrontPage 2003 (if you are, I hope you’re aware of ghosting/unghosting). My good friend Heather Solomon has posted two killer references articles to her site that lists CSS styles and images used in WSS/SPS 2003.

The SharePoint 2003 CSS Reference Chart contains:

  • Portal/WSS specification
  • Class/ID name
  • Descriptive function in the site
  • SPS.CSS & OWS.CSS line number and general properties
  • Screenshots of the style

The SharePoint 2003 Image Reference Guide contains:

  • Image filename
  • Function
  • Associated CSS info
  • Screenshot of the image

Talk about two killer resources.. man, I miss working with her!

» SharePoint 2003 CSS Reference Chart» SharePoint 2003 Image Reference Guide

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