How do you get your info? What medium do you prefer?

Friday, October 28, 2011 10:11 AM

I started a little poll today for the first 400 respondents and curious as to what your opinion is:

My Tweet: #poll #SharePoint folk: what resource/ref do u prefer? Plz consider time to market, availability, cost, & depth.

Today I kicked off another thread of posts that I’ve been working on related to Silverlight, SharePoint & MVVM. I’m starting to really like this approach quite a bit as I can get a ton of content out in a short order of time. There are downsides to this as no offline copy (unless you’ve got something like an iPad where you cache this stuff locally like I do). Seems books have always been the defacto standard. One challenge I have with them is all the logistics around books including how long it takes to get the whole thing out the door and on the shelf and the editing process.

So to see what others thought I figured I’d start a little poll on twitter. Feel free to jump in and vote! Link in the original tweet above (only accepting the first 400 respondents).

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