I'll be presenting at Microsoft's TechReady 11 - July 26, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010 3:34 AM
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Microsoft has an internal conference available to Microsoft field employees to get a deep drill down on their various products & technologies called TechReady. TechReady 11 (TR11) is coming up in July and I've been honored to get a shot at presenting two sessions… something I'm pretty pumped up about! Here they are for you MSFT field folks:

OSP313 - Developing & Extending SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Content ManagementMicrosoft made considerable investments in the Enterprise Content Management capabilities in SharePoint 2010. While SharePoint 2010 includes many OOTB features, Microsoft has provided many extensibility points for developers to create robust and custom solutions for ECM scenarios. This session you will demonstrate how to create document sets declaratively to promote reuse across multiple SharePoint environments. In addition you will see how to introduce custom business logic into the creation of document IDs and interacting with managed metadata programmatically.

OSP315 - Developing Custom SharePoint 2010 Service ApplicationsSharePoint's new service infrastructure is much more flexible and scalable than previous versions. One of the important improvement is the ability for developers to extend the platform by creating their own custom service applications. In this session attendees will learn when and when not to create custom service applications and what's involved with creating custom services. At the end of the session, you'll know when it make sense to create a custom service and even walk away with a working sample service application!

Unfortunately I'll only be able to be there for one day due to prior commitments that week, but looking forward to July 26th and my sessions!

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