I'll be presenting at the Jacksonville Developer User Group (JAXDUG) on February 3, 2010

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 6:36 AM
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At next February's JAXDUG meeting on SharePoint 2010. My travel schedule has unfortunately kept me away from JAXDUG recently so I'm not only looking forward to seeing everyone again, but also to talk about what's new and exciting around SharePoint 2010! Here's the session details:

  • **What's New (and Exciting!) in SharePoint 2010 for Developers!!!**Microsoft's latest release of SharePoint, SharePoint 2010, includes a ton of new and exciting things for developers. In this session we'll explore the new development tools that are native to Visual Studio 2010 as well as look at cool new things that help developers in debugging and troubleshooting projects. In addition we'll take a long look at new ways to work with data in SharePoint 2010 using LINQ, the client object models and ADO.NET Data Services among many other things!
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