I’ll be presenting at the SharePoint Users Group of Indiana in Indianapolis, IN (August 26, 2009)

Friday, July 3, 2009 2:46 AM

Suddenly all these speaking engagements have come through or been publicized at the last minute… hence the flurry of blog posts. This should be it for a while…

I’ll be speaking at the SharePoint Users Group of Indiana (SPIN) in Indianapolis, IN on August 26, 2009 @ 6p. Rob Bogue, my friend and colleague on a few projects including www.mssharepointdeveloper.com, got me to finally commit to coming up after I had to reschedule a few times on him. This time, no rescheduling! Looking forward to it and thanks for having me Rob!

Here’s the session I’ll be presenting:

Building and Configuring Solutions on SharePoint Server 2007 for High PerformancePerformance should be one of the top areas of focus on everyone’s mind when embarking on a Internet facing Microsoft Office Server 2007 site. In this session we’ll look at the built-in caching capabilities in the SharePoint platform, including disk-based and page output caching. In addition we’ll take a look at various hot-button issues developers should be aware of when developing components for a public site built on MOSS 2007. Topics include object model techniques, how to properly manage memory in order to avoid the dreaded OutOfMemory exception, key sizing numbers to keep in mind when architecting your implementation and minimizing the page payload to speed up those page load times. After this session, you’ll be armed with the power to create high performance and scalable solutions in MOSS 2007!

» SPIN August Meeting Registration Link» Rob’s meeting announcement

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