I’ll be presenting at the Tampa (June 26) and Denver (August 7) SharePoint Saturday’s

Monday, June 14, 2010 5:48 AM

Finally hitting a bit of a stride with the SharePoint Saturday events and after a year of missing all of them, I’ll be presenting at two of them this year. Looking forward to it!

First up is Tampa on June 26th… just under two weeks away. Should be a blast! Here’s my session:

Silverlight for the SharePoint DeveloperWhile it was possible to build Silverlight applications in SharePoint 2007, Microsoft has made it much easier in SharePoint 2010. Many SharePoint developers previously avoided Silverlight for various reasons. This session will help those developers get up to speed on what’s involved in becoming a Silverlight developer, the tools used in building Silverlight applications, introduce some popular Silverlight development patterns such as MVVM, show you how to use the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model to interact with SharePoint 2010 sites and the various deployment options for your Silverlight applications.

» SharePoint Saturday - Tampa, FL (June 26, 2010) & on Twitter (#SPSTampa)

Next up is Denver on August 7th. The week prior I’ll be teaching our (Critical Path Training) SharePoint 2010 developer course (BTW, register soon to get a 15% early bird discount!) in Redmond, Washington on the Microsoft campus. After class I’m flying down to Denver on Friday night to present the following session on Saturday:

Incorporating Managed Metadata in Custom Solutions in SharePoint 2010Microsoft injected strong support for metadata, taxonomies and folksonomies in SharePoint 2010 with the addition of the Managed Metadata service application and Managed Metadata field type. While there is plenty of support for metadata across the platform out-of-the-box, Microsoft has included a very robust API in this latest release of SharePoint 2010 to create custom solutions. In this session we’ll explore how we can create custom metadata based solutions for use in SharePoint 2010.

» SharePoint Saturday - Denver, CO (August 7, 2010) & on Twitter (#SPSDenver)

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