I’ll be presenting [virtually] at the Philly SharePoint Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010 1:02 PM

Philadelphia, PA is joining the ranks of the rest of the world to hold a SharePoint Saturday coming up on May 8th.

Unfortunately I am not able to attend in person, but the next best thing was get involved in the virtual track! Note that the event isn’t virtual… you need to be there, but for those who are there, you’ll be able to watch me in a Live Meeting session. My session is going to be about the client object model:

Interacting with SharePoint 2010 off the Server: Introducing the Client Object ModelThis session demonstrates client object model, new to SharePoint 2010. This addition makes it much easier for developers to create custom solutions that leverage data stored in SharePoint from off the SharePoint server with a familiar API and without traditional Web Services. Topics covered include the .NET and Silverlight managed client object models as well as the ECMAScript object model.

Check out the Philly SharePoint Saturday site for more details…

» Philadelphia, PA SharePoint Saturday - May 8, 2010

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