I’ll be speaking about MCMS at the Tampa, FL Code Camp - July 16th

Monday, July 4, 2005 4:32 PM

I’ll be speaking about the Tampa, FL Code Camp on July 16th at the University of South Florida.  Joe Healy posted recently that its sold out, but watch his blog for more info as he’s trying to get some additional seats opened up!

My session will spend a very brief time introducing MCMS for those who aren’t familiar, then dive into some of the most common tasks developers face when building out a MCMS site.  At the end, I’ll reiterate what’s coming with MCMS, similar to the news that Arpan released at TechEd USA & I blogged about here and here.  My official session description is as follows:

In this session we will briefly cover the CMS architecture, features, and key points from a very high level… then the fun begins! The speaker will go over the major role(s) developers play in building a CMS site from navigation, custom placeholders, and aggregate pages. The overview will only last for roughly 10-15 minutes of the session, where the developer portion will last for 45-50 minutes.

I’m up for talking MCMS, SharePoint, and whatever else is on your mind afterwards as I’ll be joining any post-event festivities (pub crawl?).

I’ll also be speaking at the Jacksonville, FL Code Camp on a similar topic… maybe by then I’ll be able to say more about the future of MCMS (PDC will be right around the corner… *wink*).

» Tampa Florida Code Camp – July 16, 2005

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