I’m Loving Windows Live Writer

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 6:39 PM

Many more have already talked about it on their blogs, so I’m not rehashing what’s already been said. What made me uninstall BlogJet and revert Zoundry back to the unused yet installed apps (WLW is still in beta, and as the old saying goes: when you gotta post, well, you gotta post so Zoundry is just for backup) is the plugin support.

If you have a special feature you want in your client, you were stuck with either trying to get a feature added by the dev team or you had to just find yet another editor that would do what you were looking for. No more… functionality not included? Then add it yourself… it’s incredibly easy!

For me, I’ve always wanted to have a template-based blogging client, but never found one I liked. I want one that will let me easily add the little “[via {linked name}]” as a header when referencing someone else’s post as well as add the reference links I add to the bottom of my posts with the » as a prefix to the link. After nabbing a few other plugins people had built, I was able to rip mine out in a matter of 30 minutes or so… it’s a piece of cake… therefore I’m a convert!

I’ve been using WLW for the last week or so and have torn through a handful of posts… great experience so far… I love it!

Other plugins I’m digging:

» Windows Live Writer

» Windows Live Writer SDK

» Windows Live Writer Plugins

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