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I'm VERY frustrated with Microsoft consumer support

I’m not a flamer and I won’t start trashing Microsoft or any other company without good reason. With that being said, I am getting VERY VERY frustrated with Microsoft’s consumer support, specifically in terms of Money 2004 and Money Central’s new Portfolio. My grief stems from a recent mistake ( I posted my experience here ) where Microsoft mistakenly pointed servers to the wrong target (see the links in my post by Russ for a detailed explination of exactly what happened).

A little history…

Anyway, so Money is working again which I am happy about. But, Money isn’t posting my data to the MSN site so I can view stuff while away from my Money file (i.e. work or while on the road). The problem is that the fix for the .NET Passport lock out with Money 2004 2 weeks ago was to use a utility to get into your Money file, break the association with your passport, and then re-associate your passport with Money. Worked great!

So what’s wrong?

The passport fix caused Money to lose it’s link with the data you were sync’ing with MSN (basically it uploads transaction & balance info to MSN Money so you can view your accounts via MSN… a nice feature for someone who travels at times). Well, when I went to re-setup Money to enable “Access my Money Data on the Web”, it found the old accounts within MSN, but it didn’t recognize them in Money so it wants to create multiple new accounts. NOT what I want. After two support tickets, Microsoft says I need to reset MSN Accounts… but to do that, you MUST cancel your BillPay service. I do NOT want to do that. First, I like the historical info in there. Second, I have multiple ongoing payments (uh, car & mortgage payments?). Third, I have a free 2-year subscription to MSN BillPay with my Money 2004 Premium. I simply want to reset/remove all accounts in MSN Accounts so Money can recreate them.

So where’s the frustration?

Microsoft isn’t listening. I open a support ticket and they say to resent the accounts. I reply and say “but what about my BillPay subscription?”… they don’t reply. So I open another ticket… same story, different ticket. I am trying to use a feature within Money that I PAID for. Microsoft’s solution/productive support has been non-existant. I have yet ANOTHER ticket opened and I’m active in the community newsgroup with the MVP’s… but this morning is the first time I’ve actually started to ponder “I wonder if I should think about Quicken 2005.”.

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

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