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Incorporating Telerik's RadMenu in a MOSS 2007 Publishing Site


You have heard people say how easy it is to incorporate new navigation controls, either those you roll on your own or commercial ones you purchase, into a MOSS 2007 Publishing site… or any WSS v3 based site for that matter. Well, now you can see how easy it is!

Telerik just posted a white paper and associated screencast demonstrating how to incorporate their RadMenu control in a Publishing site. I worked with Telerik recently to create these helpful resources to show how easy it is. The white paper (and screencast) is broken down into three pieces:

  • Manual deployment of the Telerik RadMenu files (assembly & skin files)
  • Configuring automated deployment of the Telerik RadMenu files via a WSS solution package (*.wsp)
  • Implementing the RadMenu control into a Publishing site

The second point listed above, configuring automated deployment, shows you how to create a Visual Studio 2005 project that will build a *.WSP file that you can use to easily roll the RadMenu out to various sites & servers in your SharePoint farm. Sure, it takes a bit longer to setup than the manual process, but it saves you time and maintenance headaches down the road.

Two things to note:

  • Most of the controls in the Telerik RadControls UI suite can be implemented in a SharePoint site using the same technique outlined in the white paper & screencast.
  • The controls, including RadMenu, are not restricted to Publishing sites… you can add them to any WSS v3 based site.

ยป White paper & screencast: Adding the Telerik RadMenu Control in a MOSS 2007 Publishing Site

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