Information Bridge 1.5 Walkthrough

Sunday, April 10, 2005 4:23 AM

[via Patrick Tisseghem & Angus Logan]

This new two part series on CodePoject looks interesting..

The purpose of this article is to give you a primer on Microsoft Information Bridge Framework (IBF) 1.5. Microsoft released the first version of IBF last year and has recently released the 1.5 Service Pack. This service pack adds many new features that make this technology much more inclusive and a lot easer to work with. I will be discussing and demonstrating the new features of IBF 1.5 throughout this article. I am also including a complete sample and walkthrough that will get you up and running on this technology.There are many documents on the Microsoft Web Site that describes and outlines IBF (View references at the end of this article). There is also a great sample solution that you can download, install and use to see a fully integrated IBF project. I spent many late nights trying to decipher the documentation, along with the sample application. I struggled to mesh the two pieces together because there was no simple walk through that took me from “A” to “Z”. Once I was able to complete a solution on my own, using as many of the features as I could, I now am more comfortable with the tool set and feel that it is a tremendously powerful way to create applications.The one area of documentation that I feel is lacking from the Microsoft Communities, is a good set of walkthroughs on how to accomplish some basic, as well as advanced concepts of Microsoft Information Bridge. This article is meant to take my learning’s, on how to do these concepts, and provide you with a clear, step by step walkthrough that you can use to get a jump start on using this powerful technology. But before we jump into the solution, I want to provide you with a solid baseline, regarding Information Bridge.

» Information Bridge 1.5 Walkthrough - Part 1

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