Interesting recent Microsoft related news

Monday, August 15, 2005 7:57 PM

Some random notes of recent Microsoft news:

  • While modest, FireFox’s share slipped from 8.71% to 8.07% while IE’s share increased from 86.56% to 87.2% in the last month.  Granted, it’s just one source, but it’s the first shift since FireFox v1 was released (it had previously gained ground).» Microsoft - Technology Updates: Firefox slips while IE gains
  • Recently there’s been a push by some developers for Microsoft to delay the release of VS .NET 2005 until next year and add a third beta, but today Microsoft declined that request.» ActiveWin: Microsoft Rejects Visual Studio delay request
  • Microsoft took the covers off it’s design tool Acrylic for a second CTP.  Will it compete with Adobe’s PhotoShop?  I doubt it, at least in it’s first rev, but I bet I can guess know what MSDN Subscribers will be using in the future… and it doesn’t come from Adobe» Microsoft Fleshes Out Acrylic, Vista Connection
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