Is your background processing working?

Friday, March 18, 2005 6:14 AM
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I recently ran across something that I thought I’d share as you may have done the same. We had a ASP-based website that was completely database driven that we were porting over to MCMS. New UI, new organization, you name it… this site was going to replace our old one completely.

Beacuse we elected to not use a data conversion application and port all data manually (we had our reasons… for one, we wanted to proof everything as we had recently undergone an acquisition and we wanted to examine all text & links), and some other reasons, we started putting content into the DEV database.  Our plan was just to copy the SQL DB files, create a new DB in our production & QA environment, and reattach the database to the new files.  That way, the content could be added before the site was finished (it was a tight deadline… ideally you want to finish the site coding or at least get it to a point where data can be input while dev is still going on for more advanced things or layout, but we didn’t have that luxury).

This worked great… but what didn’t it do?  Because the DCA creates the background processing job in the step of creating the MCMS database, that job just wasn’t created.  Doh!  We realized that some time later.

Learn from my mistake… go check your MCMS database and see if the SQL Agent is running the background process.

» MSDN: Using MCMS Background Cleanup

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