It’s time to break my personal NDA and out myself

Friday, October 16, 2009 7:24 PM

Next Monday in Las Vegas Microsoft lifts all the NDA’s on SharePoint 2010 at the SharePoint Conference… good times and watch your RSS readers as I’m sure folks have queued up quite a few posts.

So I figure now is a good time to break my silence…

No people… not an NDA with Microsoft! A few years back I had a semi-Vegas moment that I’d like to thank the 150 or so folks have been kind enough not to let get out in the public domain. A few months back I fessed up on the SharePoint Pod Show, but I suspect many hadn’t heard that interview. With Vegas around the corner, I’m sure the phrase will come up and be pointed at me so before anyone gets any crazy ideas or impressions of me, I figure it’s better to just come out and get in front of it. So here goes nothing…

I’m on a discussion list with quite a few SharePoint folks. At the time a SharePoint conference was coming up in Las Vegas (I think it was SharePoint Connections in 2007). As luck would have it I planned to be in Vegas a few days early for a vendor commitment. Well… on this DL everyone was trying to sync when they’d be arriving on Sunday night.

At this time I think it’s important to say I’m an avid blackjack player… I absolutely love the game. Looking to meet up in Vegas? Just look for the single deck tables. Been a while since I’ve been there… NYNY used to be my little ATM on the strip, but Sunday night after SharePint I’m heading way up the strip to Bellagio / Wynn to see if the economy has forced them to introduce a few single deck tables. At any rate…

As folks we trying to coordinate when they’d be arriving, I was looking for someone to play blackjack with. So, as I sat in my car at a red light, I shot back on my cellphone “when you get in look me up… I’m game for BJ action.” Light turns green… cars start to move… I get about 50 yards and then it hits me what I just wrote. I frantically pull over, grab my phone and do a reply-all to the thread with “I MEANT BLACKJACK”.

Its been a funny joke for a while. One time a bunch of guys are standing around who all know the joke with this very nice girl (A.S.) we’re all friends with. Some guys who don’t know the joke are in the circle. A.S. says “you guys game for some BJ action?” and we all start walking off in the direction of a casino. The guys who didn’t know the joke stood there with this look of amazement on their faces saying “holy s*** she’s forward!”

So now the joke is “AC is game for some BJ action.” Just know that BJ = blackjack… not what your sick mind might think it meant. :) Just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea when you’re in Vegas and hear someone come up and say “game for BJ action”, see me get interested and head off. I’m going to play BLACKJACK (the card game), not the “other” BJ. :)

I know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I’ll stick with blackjack thank you very much!

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