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I've been tagged, so here are "5 things you don't know about me"

You seen this whole I’ve been tagged thing? Man, a search for that phrase on Technorati has over 34k hits (all within the last few days)!

After not checking my feeds for a few days (ya know, New Years Eve, college football, duh!), I see that I’ve been tagged by Shane Perran , Sahil Malik , and the new Mindsharp employee Keith Richie . Geez guys, all this tagging and I feel like the grafiti’d wall under an overpass, loaded with local gang symbols!

Ok, so the gist is pick five things that your readers may not know about you… I’d like to add “and you wouldn’t mind them knowing” (obviously leaving out the stuff that you don’t want them to know… like any criminal records… even if you plead out… nevermind… I better stop now)… ok, on to my list of 5 things you may not know about me that aren’t very techy-related (in no particular order):

  1. I graduated, but not with a CIS degree. I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Business Management… with a specialization in CIS. Why no CIS degree? Well, honestly, I had “too” much fun my first two years and it just wasn’t an option. I did take plenty of CIS related courses, just as electives as the paper I picked up in the administration building after walking across the stage with the cap & gown didn’t say CIS on it. Out of high school, my only programming experience was with PASCAL, the flavor of my only AP class. Loved that language, but man I had a hard time grasping OOP concepts (got a C+ in C++)… finally grasping it in my Java class (maybe that’s why I like C# so much more than VB). Loved my assembler class (the only class I aced), as well as my discrete structures class (that’s the type of math that was the subject of the movie Good Will Hunting … one of my favorite flicks).
  2. I love fast cars and driving fast, and I have the record (including a 30-day suspension of my license) to prove it [unfortunately]. Even got kicked off my parent’s insurance policy while I was in college. I’m a sucker for Ferrari’s and Lambo’s. One day, I ~will~ own a Ferrari. If I won the Florida Lotto today, I’d have a F430 ASAP… the only decision: Ferrari red or yellow. Crap, I won the Lotto… I’ll take a red F430 AND a yellow F430 Spider!
  3. I can’t live without my music. No, I’m not an artist or anything, or play a single instrument (except the steering wheel in my truck), but I love my music. I can’t work without music on (transitioning from a office job to working from home is excellent!) and I’ve just about killed my poor MP3 player (Dell DJ). I love live music too… favorite bands to see in person are Dave Matthews Band (seen them at least 9 times… lost track at 9), The Rolling Stones (seen them 3 times in stadium tours, once when DMB opened for them and had 3rd row seats in the Orange Bowl!) and U2 (saw the Pop tour from the 3rd row… dying to see then if they come within 500 miles of me on their next tour).
  4. I’m a CIA, legal/law/criminal/cops, and well-written drama/action book/movie/show junkie. Don’t know what it is, but I’ve had a fascination with the legal profession (loved my business law class in college and probably would have gone to law school if it weren’t for this Internet fad around the time I graduated). I’m also just a CIA junkie… love spook movies (ala: Bourne Identity … can’t wait to see Good Sheppard ) and books (ala: Ghost Wars ). What do I mean by well-written drama/action movies? Ronin , Heat , Usual Suspects , The Sixth Sense , etc.).
  5. I live for [American] football. That’s not much of an overstatement. There are two seasons: off-season and the season. While I’m passionate about my Florida Gators (proud member of the Gator Nation ), I have a hard time getting into college as much as I do the NFL and my Jacksonville Jaguars . I love every aspect of the NFL… the competition, the strategy, the business, the numbers (and gambling related numbers like odds, trends, etc.)… you name it. I’m also a fanatic fantasy football player. There’s nothing like watching a game in the stands during a torrential downpour, or in the snow (which I’ve only experienced once being from Florida [Jags @ Pats in December 2004])… love being in the elements watching a great game!

That’s it, my five things you may not know about me. Now, once you’re tagged, you’re supposed to tag someone else. I would tag Heather Solomon and Angus Logan , but I see both have already been tagged. So here it goes, five people who haven’t been tagged that I’d like to see their “five things” answers:

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