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JAXDUG July 12 Blogging/.Text talk

First, sorry for the delay. This has been quite a busy week, with a JAXDUG speaking engagement where I talked about .Text and blogging in general, working hard on the home stretch of the book, and preparing for my Tampa Code Camp MCMS session … not to mention a lot going on at work. While mowing down my lunch, I wanted to take a second to recap my part of the JAXDUG talk this past Tuesday night.

My talk was intended to be primarily about .Text customizations, however there was little code shown. If you were looking for more, I apologize, but let me explain why. At the start of the meeting I asked how many knew what blogging was, how many were reading/subscribing to feeds, and how many were actively blogging. Frankly I was shocked by the low numbers! Most of the session covered the discussion of blogging as driven by a few questions/comments from the gallery.

One thing I promised I’d put together was a “how to install .Text ” for customizations (get the code building in VS.NET). That will come next week after the Code Camp… once things settle down a bit. Again, sorry for the delay. I’ll update this post when it’s available.

There were a handful of other topics thrown out there which I wanted to provide some links on for those who were there:

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