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JAXDUG: MS MCMS 2002 overview and case study

In case anyone reads my blog… I’ll be presenting at the Jacksonville, FL .NET user group in one week: Wednesday July 7, 2004. The meet starts at 6p and is held at Bank of America on Southside Blvd (near the I-95 connector). The blurb on the home page says exactly what I’ll do:

Andrew Connell, JAXDUG Member - “Introduction to Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 & case study implementing MCMS 2002 for MCMS2002 provides a easy way to implement a template driven site and put the content management in the hands of those who actually own the content. It helps the content owners focus on the content of the site and not the design of the site, relieving the web site maintenance burden of an IT department. In addition, it assists in the rapid deployment of large content-rich websites (the FNFIS website consists of over 1400 individual pages… 70% of the content was converted from the old site to the new MCMS 2002 site in a matter of days). After a high-level overview of MCMS2002, Andrew will present a case study of how his team implemented the current Fidelity Information Services marketing site using MCMS2002 including custom placeholders, extended workflow, navigation, other development aspects, and development challenges that had to be overcome.

I will have about a 20 slide PowerPoint presentation that I _promise_ won’t be boring… just something to keep me on track. Then I’ll dig in and show some code for some of the more common tasks developers encounter with MCMS 2002.

Note: all code samples I’ll show are not current with the existing site implementation. Why? Little thing called security. We have implemented a few things differently since I took a snapshot of the code to show and work through for the presentation. I will talk about the differences and don’t worry, it will still show the coding perspective of MCMS 2002.

» » UPDATE 7/7/2004 3:30p: After the presentation tonight, I’ll post a ZIP of the PPT I’ll use which contains notes, elaborates on numerous slides, my talking points not shown in the slides, as well as URLs for the resources I mentioned (numerous links can also be found in the links list on my blog… see the DEV - MCMS 2002 category). If you have questions that weren’t covered in the presentation or weren’t answered, please post them as feedback to this post so others can see my responses.

» » UPDATE 7/7/2004 10:20p: Presentation complete. If you were there, sorry tonight went long. If you left early, no problem, I went about 20 min. longer than what David asked me to do. At any rate, the link below has my slides. If you have questions about MCMS, please feel free to submit feedback to this post.

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