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JAXDUG talk reminder, blog subscription cleaning, and musings

JAXDUG Talk - July 12, 2006 @ 6p Tomorrow night I’m giving a talk at the Jacksonville Developer User Group ( JAXDUG ) on virtualization & developer tools at 6p at the Bank of America campus off Southside Blvd… get more info on it here (including the talk abstract & detailed location information).

Blog subscription cleaning After a very untimely database corruption of my RSS aggregator ( Omea Reader ) last week which resulted in numerous subscriptions being delivered to the wrong feed (very annoying to get CLR debugging posts in a SharePoint UI blog), I finally reverted back to an old backup from before TechEd. I took the op to clean up my subscriptions as well, removing people who haven’t posted in a few months, etc. Another thing I did was remove my aggregation subscriptions. Not everyone who posts under an aggregate blog is someone I’d want to read… and some just use the aggregate blogs to cross post in an effort to get more visibility (like ). I killed my aggregation subscriptions ( , , and yes, to show transparency, ) and resubscribed to a handful of the feeds of specific bloggers on those sites. Ah… MUCH better!

In doing this, I also noticed fellow SharePointer MVP Bob Mixon packed up and moved his wiki-based blog to Community Server . In case you didn’t get the memo, his new blog is here: .

Every other blog you see is Community Server these days… everybody looks the same and that’s unfortunate (I’m sure Telligent doesn’t feel the same way). Thankfully we don’t have to venture past the RSS feeds. blog updates Over the course of the last two months I’ve implemented a few new pages to my site. There’s a [speaking]( page that lists all my past and future talks including resource downloads like slide decks, code, and links to relevant blog posts.

Andrew Connell
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