JAXDUG talking about F# tonight

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 8:36 AM

A bit late on this, but I know some locals do read my blog so hoping to help get the message out just a little bit.

The Jacksonville Developer User Group, JAXDUG, will have a talk tonight on F#, a first! F# is a functional programming language opposed to the object oriented language most .NET developers are used to. Tonight, Eugene Chuvyrov is going to give a 60-minute dive into F#:

With F#, .Net developers are finally getting a chance to get their feet wet with functional programming without ever leaving the Visual Studio IDE. In this code-focused presentation, we will take a look at how functional programming with F# is different from the OO paradigm of C#, shed light on functional programming techniques such as higher order functions, currying and continuations, as well as explain how functional programming may fit in with the development efforts of today and tomorrow.

Following this talk is one on Web services by JAXDUG pres, Jonathan Bates. Should be good! More info here: http://cs.jaxdug.com/blogs/events/archive/2008/02/03/2146.aspx.

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