Jacksonville Code Camp 2006 - Agenda online and a full SharePoint track!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 8:29 AM

The agenda for the Jacksonville Code Camp held on August 26, 2006 is now online! Now it really feels like were less than 2 weeks out.

Another thing you’ll notice is my goal of having enough people submit sessions to warrant a session track dedicated to SharePoint also came to fruition! We’ve got a softie (David McNamee), two authors (Stacy Draper & myself), co-leader of the JAX Office Dev SIG (John Holliday), and Duray Akar! What kind of SharePoint related sessions are there?

  • Building an End-to-End Application with the 2007 Office System: David McNamee
  • Using SharePoint Features to create, deploy and manage your own functionality: Stacy Draper
  • Use .NET Reflection to Create SharePoint Site Definitions in C#: John Holliday
  • Developing Advanced ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts for SharePoint 2007: Andrew Connell
  • Using Business Data Catalog in SharePoint 2007: Duray Akar
  • Resources and Responsibilities in a SharePoint Environment: Stacy Draper (30m session)

At the end of the day, all five of us will staff an Ask The Experts room where you can come talk to us about SharePoint to your heart’s content! We’ll even have some special SharePoint 2007 swag in the sessions as well as the ATE session!

Don’t forget, you MUST register for this FREE event… they can only accommodate so many people.

» Jacksonville Code Camp (official site)

» Jacksonville Code Camp Agenda

» Agenda announcement & session explanations

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