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Jacksonville Code Camp 2006 - This Saturday!

The second annual Jacksonville Code Camp is now less than a week away! It’s being held this Saturday, August 26th at the Florida Community College Advanced Technology Center in downtown Jacksonville, FL. While it is a free event, registration is required so make sure you register today! Come see some top notch speakers from the local community including seven MVP’s, several softies, and many other regional speakers.

This is a great op for you to get *free* information on .NET, ASP.NET, Workflow Foundation, SQL Server 2005, VSTS, VSTO, VSTA, development tips & tricks, and SharePoint 2007! In fact, we have a whole track dedicated to SharePoint 2007 topics… five full-length sessions, one 30 minute session on what it’s like to be a developer in the SharePoint environment, and a full session block setup for Ask The Experts where you can shoot the SharePoint sh… um… breeze! Oh, dare I forget that we’ve got SharePoint swag too?

I’m presenting three sessions:

  • Developing Advanced ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts for SharePoint 2007: Microsoft introduced the Web Part framework in the second generation of SharePoint (WSS v2). Since then, ASP.NET 2.0 has adopted the Web Part concept albeit with a completely different implementation and this is what the upcoming release of SharePoint 2007 (WSS v3) now utilizes over the older WSS v2 Web Part framework. In this demo and code-heavy session you’ll learn how to build a simple ASP.NET 2.0 Web Part and add it to a SharePoint 2007 site after briefly reviewing the differences between the three Web Part implementations (WSS v2 vs. ASP.NET 2.0 vs. WSS v3). Then we’ll enhance it by customizing the verbs menu and creating a simple connection between two Web Parts. Finally we’ll look at how we can add SharePoint specific features to the Web Part by implementing advanced Web Part connections and utilizing the SharePoint data caching mechanism.
  • Don’t be a Tool, be a Better Developer Through Tools! (2nd Edition): As developers we are all looking for tools that help us with our daily jobs. Sometimes these tools perform tasks that we can’t easily do, sometimes they automate steps we currently do by hand, and other times they are simply shortcuts. All in all, the goal is the same: tools should make you more productive and help you slam out more code faster with fewer defects and at a lower level of maintainability. In this talk AC will demo over 20 tools and shortcuts, most of which are free, that he’s found help him be the most efficient and productive developer he can be. Come ready for a high-energy and fast paced session… we’ve got tools to see! Note this session is a 2nd edition… new and different tools will be demonstrated that weren’t shown in the 1st edition of this talk. Incomplete list of tools to be covered: WinMerge, Reflector, The Regulator, GhostDoc, MSBee, Snippet Compiler, Nikhil’s Web Development Helper, jetBrains’ dotTrace, Red-Gate’s ANTS Profiler, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 & OneNote 2007, DevExpress DXCore, CodeRush & Refactor! Pro.
  • Creating, Establishing, and Maintaining a Successful Blog: Establishing a successful blog is not as easy as simply creating it, throwing some content up on occasion, and throwing links to it all over the Internet. Nor is a successful blog the product of dumb luck. The process of creating a successful blog is much more of a science and practice that you have to manage over the course of many months. This short session will look at what it takes to create and maintain a successful blog as well as touch on common pitfalls to avoid. In addition, we’ll talk about a few services available to help you promote your blog and analyze your syndication and content consumers.

Don’t forget to plan to attend the post Code Camp Pub Club at the Copper Cellar @ the Jacksonville Landing where you can mingle with other attendees and speakers. Before I forget, a congrats for the two guys behind planning the Code Camp, Dennis Bottjer & Vinay Ahuja , as well as our local Microsoft Developer Evangelist Joe Healy for his support!

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