Jacksonville Code Camp MCMS Session

Sunday, August 28, 2005 7:49 AM

For all those that were present, sorry I had to go so fast through my session.  I started 10min late because of a late start of the opening keynote that ran into the first session blocks.  Below you’ll find a link to the PPT and the code I implemented (or skipped) during my session.  If you have specific questions or want the code from the brochure template we created, please feel free to email me.

Also, as promised, here are the two books I discussed during the session:

**Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server**This is the book I said would be your best bet to get started working with MCMS if it’s new to you. It will walk you through all the development tasks I explain in my session as well as installation and administration.

**Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development**This book should be published within the next month or so (Sept-Oct). It covers RSS, adding web services to expose content to other applications, publishing with InfoPath, SharePoint integration (search and publishing content between the two applications), much more, and by far the BEST collection of tips, tricks, and common custom placeholders.

Later today or tomorrow I’ll post some videos of a few select sessions from the Jacksonville Code Camp as well as a video of the closing keynote!

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