Jacksonville Code Camp

Thursday, August 18, 2005 9:45 AM

Jacksonville Code Camp, put on by JAXDUG,  is Saturday, August 27, just a little over a week away.  Is David challenging us?  Oh dude, we’ll live up… and past Tampa Code Camp!  What’s better than a little friendly challenge… but oh, how will JAX be different from Tampa?

At the last JAXDUG meeting, David announced that MSN will be onsite with some of their developers speaking, as well as bringing the MSN butterfly… and who shall be wearing it?  Again, mentioned at the meeting… none other than Joe Healy!  “There’s more?”  Oh yeah!  Clearwire is providing *free* WiFi!

Only time will tell :P

If you haven’t registered for the JAX Code Camp, do it soon.  There are only a limited number of seats (350) and you can surely expect that it will “sell out” (as much as a free event can).  You need ot use the link on the Jacksonville Code Camp website to register on MSDN for the event (or click on the one I’ve provided here).  I heard they had to turn some people away the day of the Code Camp in south Florida because they had overrun!

Kudos to Dennis and David for working their a$$ of to get this thing together, as well as the other volunteers.  I think a new agenda and session list is going to be updated shortly as there are a few very cool sessions being added.

PS – Come to my MCMS session @ Jax Code Camp!

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