JavaHMO… a good alternative to TiVo Server for HMO

Saturday, January 31, 2004 6:52 AM

Got TiVo & HomeMediaOption?  Don’t you think the TiVo Server is limiting?  I’m a .NET junkie, but I swayed to the other side for one app: JavaHMO.  Wow… talk about a nice server.  Installed it this morning and configured the whole thing in less than 10 minutes.  VERY cool!  Current version is 1.1, but I’ll surely be adding the RSS news feed for this project to NewsGator!

Update 1/31/2004:

Well, I have to say I love the app, but it takes so dang long to load images… I’ve switched back to TiVo Publisher for now.  JavaHMO… don’t you implement caching?  I’ll have to look at v1.2 that’s supposed to be released soon.

Update 2/4/2004:

I got a build version of v1.2 from the author of the app…. still not fast enough for me.  Biggest feature used on TiVo HMO is the streaming music, and it just takes JavaHMO too long to show lists.  I’ve reverted back (and didn’t impress many people at the SuperBowl party).

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