Just in case you missed the media bias…

Thursday, November 4, 2004 5:22 AM

A guy from Channel9 picked up on this.

[Channel9 Forums]

So did Michelle Maulkin in her post (the “moron” link still works).

I’m not blind… I know FOXNews is a right-leaning program. But I’ll watch it over the other main stream media outlets… especially CBS, CNN or read the New York Times or LA Times. WHEN WILL THERE BE A FACT NEWS SERVICE?!?! Just quotes, dates, times, events, and facts? Wouldn’t people flock to it? No adjetives or adverbs… no columnists.

I had just about stopped watching CNN before this election… this (see: above) put it over the top. Buh-Bye CNN… never hitting any of your websites again, and all your channels were removed from both TiVo’s “Channels You Receive” list so I can’t accidentally see them or record anything.

BTW: Congrats Bush… now THAT is a mandate. Maybe the Dem’s leadership will start to realize that they are out of touch with the mainstream of America? Nah, they’ll just look again and what went wrong. That’s fine by me.

Last political post… back to tech!

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