Learn how to customize SP2010 sites with SharePoint Designer 2010 by Critical Path Training

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 3:41 PM

Are you looking to learn how to leverage SharePoint Designer 2010 to customize and create robust solutions with no code or physical access to the SharePoint 2010 server? We at Critical Path Training have a new course devoted to using SharePoint Designer 2010 written by a leading SharePoint Designer 2010 expert and SharePoint MVP Asif Rehmani.

Asif has been teaching, presenting, writing and consulting on SharePoint since 2002 spoken about SharePoint Designer 2010 at numerous major conferences including last fall’s SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. He’s also one of the authors of WROX’s Professional Office SharePoint Designer 2007 & is currently working on a SPD 2010 book as well. Check out a sampling of Asif’s work from the stuff he’s posted to YouTube!

This class, Creating No-Code SharePoint Designer Solutions for SharePoint 2010, is being offered for a limited time at 30% off the regular pricing while SharePoint is still in a pre-release beta (note this is a limited offer until SharePoint hits the big release date we’re all anticipating). Here’s a list of our upcoming dates:

  • March 8-12 : Chicago, IL
  • May 3-7 : Tampa, FL
  • June 28 - July 2 : Redmond, WA

We’re also offering this class in an online format. The agenda is slightly different (two modules are exclusive to the hands-on in person class), but it’s a great way to get the same class for those of you with limited travel budgets:

  • March 29 - April 2
  • May 24-28
  • July 19-23

Interested? Register today!

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