Looking Ahead to 2011-New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 1:32 AM

Last year about this time I wrote a blog post where I called myself out and posted five things I wanted to get stronger at in 2010. Looking back, I think I did a decent job:

  • Silverlight Development - Safe to say I’ve been bit by the SL bug. I find I can be so much more productive building business apps with Silverlight than with other tools. I dove head first into Silverlight in learning some tips and tricks as well as adopting the MVVM design pattern (I prefer using the MVVM Light Toolkit).
  • WCF Development - I didn’t do much here aside from creating OData services, but I guess that kind of counts as WCF. I still need some work here… just didn’t have much of a need for it I guess…
  • PowerShell - Much stronger, but really want to dig in more. Still have to refer to a cheat sheet for some syntax stuff.
  • Visual Studio Extensibility - OK, so this was an area of great interest especially around SharePoint, but let’s face it. The guys who did the CKS:DEV project meet most of our needs. Why reinvent the wheel? I ditched this.
  • WPF Development - I did my fair share of utility apps in WPF, but I’m more a fan of SL as I find you get better reach that way. At any rate, everything you learn in SL basically applies to WPF so I guess I did a decent job here.

So, what’s on tap for 2011? Like I said last year, what better way to hold yourself accountable than to publically state your resolutions. These are all work related… the non-work related ones don’t really belong here but are arguably more important in life.

  • More Silverlight! Yup, I want to get even stronger here as I see Silverlight having a bright future. I’m not sold on HTML5 *yet* being something we should invest in (here come the flames) and expect Silverlight to be around for quite a while. Looking forward to learning more about transitions, animations & media in Silverlight in 2011! Also want to dive in deeper around the area of testing.
  • Enterprise Content Management & Web Content Management (SharePoint 2010) - I’ve been relatively silent in this area but have been working a good bit in it. Looking forward to writing a lot about it in 2011 on my blog. This will be a better vehicle than updating my SharePoint 2007 WCM book (which I don’t plan on doing).
  • SharePoint 2010 BCS - Aside from the ECM stack in SharePoint 2010 this is one of the more exciting / interesting aspects of the platform with huge potential.
  • Windows Phone 7 - Got a few apps I’m working on as moonlight projects, but nothing epic. Need to get up, wrap them up and publish.
  • More PowerShell & WCF Development - ‘Nuff said above.
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