Looking to get into Silverlight and doing SharePoint work? Get this FANTASTIC book!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 6:23 AM
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I know many folks who are SharePoint developers who are still getting into Silverlight development. I fall into that camp. There’s plenty of information out there on how to do SharePoint development and how to build Silverlight controls. A smart cookie and figure out how to do data binding and pulling data from the SharePoint Web Services.

A few weeks ago I saw that my pal Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs released a book on the exact subject: Pro Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Using Microsoft Silverlight 2. The best part about it: it’s concise (312pgs) and covers almost all the hot button issues you’d come across such as:

  • Different ways to integrate with SharePoint
  • How to create and deploy the SharePoint Web Parts host container
  • Tips for adding the Silverlight video player application to the SharePoint site
  • Ways to develop your first custom field type
  • Suggestions for branding your SharePoint sites
  • Techniques for customizing Web Parts and creating editor parts
  • How to deal with hidden fields, cookies, XML data ISLAND, and more

I HIGHLY recommend this book… it’s a great resource!

» Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Using Microsoft Silverlight 2

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