MCMS & SharePoint notes

Saturday, February 5, 2005 10:03 AM

Been a crazy last 7-10 days for me, having our first baby, my dad going in for bypass surgery, and the launch of a big project I’ve been on the last 6-9 months (CMS-SPS integrated solution rollout). I got quite behind on my blog reading, so wanted to post a fe notes about CMS and SharePoint that I’ve stumbled across…


  • r.a.d.controls MCMS Edition: Telerik has created a control suite exclusively for MCMS. The Beta is being released soon that includes a premium version of their editor, treeview, menu, panelbar, tabstrip, and chart. See this post on Mark Harrison’s site for more info.
  • IT Hit’s Web Arthur Extension: this is a slick upgrade and add-on for MCMS authors… no detail on cost, but sitll looks pretty cool:
  • MCMS.Rapid Launch Blog: The folks over at MCMS.Rapid have their own blog now. If you’re not familiar with MCMS.Rapid, check out their site and also Mark Harrison’s site for more info:


  • Free admin roadmaps from Mindsharp: The guys over at MindSharp have now posted for free, their admin roadmaps that help the newbies navigate through the SharePoint (SPS & WSS) admin menu madness. You can also get a detailed object model for WSS developers.
  • Working SearchWS MSSQL full text search syntax: Ever tried to query SharePoint’s Search web service? It’s a PITA… well, Mads Nissen has a nice little utility that will help author and test it here.
  • Eric Schoonover has a handy list on SharePoint tools… very nice.
  • Treeview QuickLaunch menu on GDN: Microsoft.SharePoint.Menu provides a tree control replacement for “QuickLaunch” or simply an enhancement to the existing SPS/WSS site navigation. Get it here.
  • Integrating 3rd Party SSO in SPS: Great article on TSS.NET about SharePoint authentication and SSO with SPS.

MCMS-SharePoint Combo

  • CMS and SharePoint Connector demo : New demo for Microsoft Content Management Server, with or without the Connector for SharePoint Technologies. Includes the following: - Basic CMS authoring, editing, and approval in a real-world design, including the Authoring Connector - Improved authoring experience with the new Telerik r.a.d.editor control for CMS - Flexible navigation based on channels and postings, including ability to modify the navigation via the CMS authoring console - Multi-lingual content and language-agile content templates - Manipulating structured data via XML placeholders Content syndication, both in-bound (via a web service) and out-bound (via an RSS feed and an XML file drop) - Connected postings to a SharePoint site using the CMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies - Publishing XML documents (WordML or InfoPath) from a SharePoint document library to CMS using the CMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies. On GDN here.
  • It’s been a while since I started my 4-part series on CMS-SPS integration… but I plan to get back into the fray now that the baby is born and my project has launched. I’m looking forward to wrapping it up and writing about how we implemented our own custom navigation (driven by CMS) in SharePoint as well as some new MCMS Connector-like web parts were building/built.
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